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COVID19 Resources for Businesses

Resources for Small Business in dealing with COVID-19

Businesses have requirements that need to be adhered to.

1. Mandatory Mask Sign posted on your door or window.  Click here to download poster.
2. Have a Safety Plan available for all staff and posted. Click here to download the template for your business to complete. (Note: many businesses are being ticketed if they do not have a Safety Plan available. Please make sure you have a copy on hand.)
3. Complete this Workplace Safety Checklist. Click here to download the checklist.
4.  Complete daily COVID Staff and Customer Screening Questionnaire. Click here to download the poster questionnaire. Maintain a record for 30 days of each result. This can be done on paper, dated and signed by each staff and customers.5. Post Physical Distancing sign. Click here to download the poster.
6. Enhance cleaning and disinfection protocols.  Especially after customer using POS.
7. Post Capacity Limit for Business Entry. Click here to download the editable poster.

If you get a visit from bylaw or YRP, they will be looking for all of these requirements and ensuring all staff are adhering to wearing a mask and remaining distant when possible.  

Federal and provincial government financial supports: 

Click on each to learn more.
    Other Resources.

    Tips to help you Pivot your Business Plan