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Easter Hours

Celebrate Easter in Markham with your family and friends while supporting local businesses!

While many places are closed on Easter Sunday, we've compiled a list of some of the businesses that will be open on this special day. From restaurants to retail shops, there are plenty of options to choose from. Enjoy a delicious brunch, shop for unique gifts, or simply take a stroll around town. Come and experience the warmth and charm of Main Street Markham this Easter Sunday!

Open for Business
Mains Mansion 9am - 2am
Inspire Restaurant 5pm - 9pm
Azyun Restaurant 12pm - 3pm / 5pm - 9pm
Peppertree Klassics 12pm - 4pm
Crafty Pots 11am - 7pm
Mothers Deli 10am - 3pm
Love Gelato 11am - 8pm
The Ten Spot 10am - 7pm
Binge Burrito 12pm -10pm
Main Street Greek 12pm 8pm 
Khau Gully 11:30am - 10:30pm
denthreesixty 12pm-5pm
Second Cup 8am - 6pm
The Duchess of Markham 11am - 2am
Laz Authentic Cuisine 11am - 9am
T & T Bakery and Cafe 8am - 4pm

Cyclepath 11am - 4pm
Cho-Kwok-Lat 10am - 6pm