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Floyd's Barber Shop 
127 Robinson St.
Telephone 905-910-0130
Contact: Scott Malcolm
An Old Fashioned Barber Shop…no longer a thing of the past

“It's our dedication to making men look good, combined with great service that will keep this part of our Canadian culture intact”, he says.

While there is no sign that keeps women out - the place is definitely “all man”. From the Men's mags on the coffee table to the hot towel shaves, Floyd's is an oasis for the real man in an otherwise desert of women's hair salons!

Markham men no longer have to hang their heads in shame as they sneak furtive looks, before slinking into some ladies salon. Now real men can go back to the tradition of their great grandfathers, real men who made the weekly trip to the barbershop to get a shave and a haircut.

Today, guys of all ages (seniors and kids get a special discount) can grab a pop, read the paper, catch up on the news and sports or shoot the breeze with Scott and George and relax while authentic barbers - who really know what men want, give them a genuine old fashioned haircut…they can even bring their sons along! Why not start a back to school tradition this year with a trip to the barber shop!

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